Creepy Radar Image of Hurricane Matthew Looks Demonic

Skull Face in Hurricane Matthew

This radar image of Hurricane Matthew looks particularly demonic and skull like. This image was taken on October 4th before Hurricane Matthew started moving toward South Florida. This category 4 Hurricane is expected to make landfall later tonight and it is estimated that over 2 million people are evacuating the area to stay out of this demon’s way. For those of […]

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Did Hillary Get to Julian Assange?

They got to Julian Assange

After scheduling a press conference, Julian Assange and Wikileaks promised to leak documents that would destroy Hillary Clinton. Millions of people watched at 4 AM as Assange appeared on a low quality video screen at a press conference in Germany. Assange looked distraught and wore a disappointed expression, appeared to be sweating and mumbled on in unintelligible horrible audio. He […]

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“IT” Creator Stephen King Talks About Recent Clown Sightings

stephen king talks about clown sightings

In light of the recent creepy clown sightings that seems to be spreading outward from from Greenville, South Carolina the Bangor Daily News decided to ask their resident expert on creepy clowns, Stephen King what he thinks about the phenomena. King’s 1986 novel entitled “IT” added to the already creepy air surrounding clowns for many people. “When I wrote my […]

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Human Sacrifice at CERN Facility?

Video of human sacrifice at CERN.

Recently a video taken from inside a European CERN facility seemingly capturing an occult ritual human sacrifice taking place in front of the controversial “Shiva the Destroyer” statue in the main square. Many claim this is obviously a mock sacrifice and others claim this is obviously a prank. See video at bottom of article. Many others are still expressing concern […]

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FDA Orders All Kratom be Seized in Customs

Kratom is a harmless tree leaf often used as a dietary supplement. Kratom is closely related to coffee and its effects are equally mild. Many people use Kratom as a healthier and natural alternative to dangerous pharmaceuticals and pain medications. Mitragyna Speciosa has helped many people get off of dangerous pain medications and even drugs like heroin. But all that is […]

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Do You Have Chemtrail Flu?

chemtrail flu

Have you been sick recently? You are not alone. Emergency rooms allover the country have been jammed up with increasing cases of a flu like illness and upper respiratory infections. Many have directly correlated this mysterious illness to the amount of chemtrails in the sky at the time. The more chemtrails that are seen in the sky, the more sick people feel. The pandemic has been named chemtrail flu, an illness that alternative health experts are starting to accept as a reality.

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UFO Guiding Asteroid?

A near earth asteroid that passed within 3 times the moons distance from earth on Monday, January 26th 2016 appears to have a metallic disk like object orbiting it. NASA claims this object is a small moon. The strange metallic object has drawn the attention of many UFO watchers. The object orbiting the asteroid is around 230 feet in diameter […]

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CIA Releases “X-Files”

Recently the CIA has released hundreds of declassified documents involving investigations into alien life and UFOs.  Most of the documents range from the 1940s to 1960s. The documents are split into two categories “Mulder” for those who “want to believe” and “Scully” for the skeptics. Check out the CIA Blog post. While some of the documents are definitely interesting and […]

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Gates Foundation Behind Zika

In a recent article we pointed out how the recent outbreak of the Zika virus in Brazil was linked to a company called Oxitec, which is funded by the eugenicist Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that is openly obsessed with depopulation. Oxitec released genetically modified Aedes mosquitoes in Brazil and Florida in 2011. Aedes mosquitoes are the same type of […]

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Zika Mosquitoes Linked to Bill Gates

The recent emergence of the once rare Zika virus spreading across Brazil has been linked to genetically modified mosquitoes created by a company called Oxitec which is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation. Bill Gates has often expressed concern about world population and is heavily involved in and funding vaccines, weather modification and genetic engineering. In 2011 Oxitec […]

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