Did Hillary Get to Julian Assange?

They got to Julian Assange
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After scheduling a press conference, Julian Assange and Wikileaks promised to leak documents that would destroy Hillary Clinton. Millions of people watched at 4 AM as Assange appeared on a low quality video screen at a press conference in Germany.

Assange looked distraught and wore a disappointed expression, appeared to be sweating and mumbled on in unintelligible horrible audio. He then said something along the lines of how he would not release any documents that would affect the United States at 4 AM. Apparently he had no problem telling people that he was releasing information that would utterly destroy Hillary Clinton, only to fumble around nervously and try to sell books to the millions of people up at 4 AM waiting for the bombshell he told us he had.

Wikileaks October Surprise Will Devastate Clintons?

Instead of any document releases viewers got a disturbing view of what appeared to be a broken man. As Assange denied ever saying he would release info that would destroy Hillary Clinton, something became very obvious. Someone had gotten to Assange and scared him out of wanting to release his bombshell document.

Assange droned on about nonsense, released nothing and said he had been misquoted about Hillary. Assange stated he did not dislike or want to hurt Hillary Clinton

It certainly appears Clinton had convinced him releasing those particular documents would not be a good idea.

Assange Has Sudden Change of Plans

Now instead of before the election, Assange says Wikileaks will be releasing documents relevant to the presidential race a little at a time before the year is up. Apparently the election is no longer a priority to Assange when it comes to when documents should be released.

There is absolutely no doubt that the Clinton destroying documents Assange never claimed to have will never be seen again.

The twitter crowds began calling the offbeat press conference a trolling by Assange. However that makes absolutely no sense, it is obvious he was paid off, captive or threatened.

The elite power structure is all in it seems. and will do anything to maintain power. Watching this whole thing play out was downright disturbing. Difficult times are ahead.

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