Ghost Stories: Apparition Caught On Camera

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This cropped portion of a photo was sent to us by a man in Sikeston, Mo. who’s house was infested with spirit or ghost orbs. He had many ghost stories to tell.The photo is an example of just some of the strange paranormal disturbances he and his wife have been experiencing recently. Apparitions of this quality are rarely caught in photos and I have never seen a supposed face associated with spirit or ghost orbs look this detailed and striking. By far the best example of a ghost orb I have ever seen. And one of the strangest ghost stories.

face from mr.eldridge's ghost stories

Photo of a ghost orb with a very well defined face in it seeming to meld with or come out of another orange colored orb.


I ran across all this by chance one day when I over heard talk of someone saying that their house was haunted and having strange photos of orbs and faces. I found out who this person was and quickly contacted him. I wanted to hear these ghost stories of his.


Mr.Eldridge’s Ghost Stories

The man supposedly experiencing these paranormal disturbances, Mr.Eldritdge confirmed that indeed his house was haunted. The haunting for the most part came in the form of ghost or spirit orbs as they are commonly known. Mr.Eldridge described witnessing up to 20 or 30 of these ghost orbs inside of his house at one time and “thousands” outside his house around the trees on a particular night. Mr.Eldridge confirmed that the phenomena only seems to start at night. The more recent ghost orb incidents were preceded for years prior by a sense of presence says Mr.Eldridge, that his wife and dog did not seem to pick up on. It wasn’t until they stood together and watched the orbs that had manifested in their house that his feeling was confirmed.

In 2007 Mr.Eldritdge claims he had caught a man robbing his home and when the thief pulled a gun on him he was forced to shoot and kill him in what he claimed was self defense. Mr.Eldridge made it clear he thought it was the vengeful ghost of this man returning that was behind the paranormal disturbances in his home. In fact Mr.Eldridge says that the eerie face emerging from the ghost orb in that picture is undoubtedly the face of the alleged robber.

The official news story can be found here . You may find that some of the details are very interesting to say the least. For instance neighbors reported hearing two shots, and one more as police sirens were approaching. According to Neal Boyd the prosecutor in Mr.Eldridge’s manslaughter case:


“Sometime after the first two shots, Mr. Eldridge returned the (allegedly stolen) long weapons back inside his house and made a 911 call to police reporting a man at his residence had a heart attack. Shortly after this call, a third shot was heard and reported by a neighbor,”

Talking to Mr.Eldridge it became apparent to me that he was clearly disturbed, perhaps by guilt. According to him:



I have a photograph of two orbs outside, one of which has his face in it looking at me, busted lip and all from when I took him down.


face in orb from mr. eldridge's ghost stories

Color and shadow enhancement of the face within the orb side by side with a close up of the actual face. A face to go with the ghost stories.

See more photos,videos and ghost stories of the paranormal disturbance that took place in Mr. Eldridge’s home in this video which explores it further. See his ghost story here:

 “Ghost Orbs” in Old Ghost Stories

So what are ghost orbs exactly? There is nothing new about ghost orbs other than in name. In fact this phenomena has been around as long as we have. Known by many names such as “ghost lights” or “spook lights” among the more recent ghost stories. Long ago these ghostly lights were known as “will o’ the wisps” or “ignis fatuus” (foolish fire). In ancient times some believed these to be non-human elementals , faeriewill o the wisp from old ghost stories. or other supernatural beings that are tricksters that like to do things such as lead unwary travelers off of their path and cause them to get lost and confused. This was the subject of many ghost stories

Some ghost stories used to associate their presence with the guarding of a nearby treasure. Others say they lure with the promise of said treasure.

Is there anything to be learned from the old myths and tales of trickster spirits? Are these will o’ the wisps the same thing as ghost orbs? I believe it is possible.

Lets not forget that Sikeston, Mo. where this phenomena is taking place, is no stranger to orbs and lights. In 1973 they were allover the skies confusing people in a very different way. This place also lay almost directly on the 37th parallel which is notorious for many types of unexplained phenomena. We will explore this more later.


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