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Had a strange or paranormal experience?

If you have had a strange or paranormal experience, we want to hear about it. Maybe you captured an interesting photo of a strange light, had a run in with something you cannot explain, or just need advice on something hard to talk about with just anyone. E-mail Smokey Mirror at, remain anonymous if you like. We may be able to help you if you are dealing with something difficult to deal with, or help you tell your story.

Photos, videos, stories or requests for advice are welcome. Nothing you send will be used without your permission, we will still give you advice or feedback.

If you would prefer you feel free to tell us about an experience you have had in the comments section of this page.


  • This may find friendship, support and validation here, so I’ll get to the punch line: The elect of God and Christ are warmly revered and loved aloft by a myriad of worlds on an intergalactic level. I’m not attributing it to religion but to the righteousness of the individual. And so goes my lifelong story of regular ET contact / education and Divine election. Both are real and true. I painstakingly worked on this blog in recent years. Please feel free to peruse and publish as you see fit. My hope at this point is to reintegrate with speaking and earn full acceptance in the community. Thank you so much for hearing (or reading) me out. Love, blessing, nobility and honor be with you always. Yours, Jeffrey

    • Fraud Outter

      You are a fraud. First off don’t pass yourself off as a Veteran. You barely made it through a couple of weeks of basic training at Parris Island. The CO tossed your ass out once you started talking your alien abduction and flying saucer jibberish. Secondly, you beat the crap out of my female friend in the late 1970’s, robbed her and took off to California. Your mother was a kind woman and comforted this person you abused physically and mentally. And all this Phil, White Mountain, blah, blah shit is the same you’ve been talking since the early 1970’s only the tales have become more embellished and you more delusional. Not a hater here, but you’re such a fraud and Narcissist that it’s deceitful and a disgrace.

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